Game Development
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Game Development

8 months - Full time – September to April

In Class - Main Campus

Admission requirements:Degree in Computer Science or Software Development

Each course is equivalent to a year four half-credit tuition

OSAP application pending

Application deadline: Mar 1; non-Western and Interanational Applicants and Mar 31; current Western students and Western Alumni

Game Development

Program Overview

Western's Department of Computer Science and Western Continuing Studies offer a Diploma program for qualified university graduates with a background in Computer Science or Software Development. Students who complete the Diploma will have the opportunity to investigate computing problems in an entertaining and engaging fashion. Students will express their creativity and ingenuity, investigate multidisciplinary issues, work in realistic team settings and ultimately prepare for entry into this stimulating and dynamic field.

The field of video game development offers many interesting and exciting career opportunities, both in entertainment and serious game industries. Designers, programmers, and testers are needed by game development studios and by the makers of engines, tools, and middleware to support video game software.The ideal candidate is a creative, critical thinker interested developing their software engineering skills.

What you will learn

- Game development life cycles, project management, and best practices for working on small, medium, and large-scale game projects
- State-of-the-art development tools and platforms for mobile, web, console, and computer-based games
- Fundamentals of game design, for gameplay, levels, storytelling, and challenge in games
- Game engine programming, physical simulation, and real-time graphics
- Underlying supporting technologies in artificial intelligence, graphics, human-computer interaction, networking, and more
- Historical and social context for games, gaming, and the game development industry

What to Expect

Game Development is an 8 month full time in class program. Courses are offered by the Department of Computer Science, taught by academic professionals. Through the program students should develop a professional network, unique skills, and a portfolio of projects they will use throughout their career.

This is a competitive program with limited enrolment. With small classes, students should be prepared to actively participate and contribute to class discussions.


September – December: In class at Western University Main Campus
January – April: In Class at Western University Main Campus


Once accepted a student is required to maintain and overall average of 70% with no single grade below 60%

Important Dates: