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1 year - Full time - May though April

In-class+ practicum

Admission requirements: Undergraduate degree

$8700 + ancillary fees

Not OSAP eligible

Application deadline: January 15

How is your degree going to set you apart? Western’s Diploma in Marketing will give you the edge and work experience you need!

Who is this for?
If you are a creative, critical thinker with a knack for developing strong customer relationships, we'll give you the skills you need for an exciting career.

What is marketing?
Working in a variety of roles across multiple sectors, professional marketers seek to create value for both customers and organizations. From research to brand management, this dynamic field of study provides an exciting opportunity for students from a range of academic backgrounds.

When does it start?
This is a one-year, full-time program that begins in May. Taught by professionals in the field, our diploma courses prepare you for your career. The hands-on work placement adds valuable experience to your degree.

Where is it?
Courses are offered by Western Continuing Studies, located in downtown London, Ontario.


Important Dates: