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Not-for-Profit Management

1 year - Full time - September though August

In-class + practicum

Admission requirements: Undergraduate degree

$8500 + Western ancillary fees

OSAP eligible

Application deadline: March 1; non-Western and International applicants and March 31; current Western students and Wester alumni


Not-for-Profit Management

Program Overview

Working for organizations or groups that promote a cause or provide a public service, Not-for-
Profit managers and administrators coordinate the business and administrative side of non-profit
organizations. The ideal candidate has a passion for activism, and enjoys the idea of working for an
organization that promotes positive change.
What you will learn

At the completion of this diploma, students will:
• Develop a comprehensive overview of not-for-profit organizations, current trends and
realities of the not-for-profit industry
• Have a concrete understanding of fundraising, development, strategic planning,
communications, financial and marketing strategies/responsibilities as they pertain to the
not-for-profit context
• Understand how to regulate, develop and enforce legislative and board policies
• Explore technological tools, programs, and processes that apply to not-for-profit
• Have a full understanding of the foundations of effective leadership and financial
• Plan and host a major fundraising event
• Learn methods of community engagement, volunteer management and how they apply to
not-for-profit organizations
What to Expect

NFPM is a 12 month full time in class program. Courses are taught and developed by industry
professionals to connect theory to practice. Through the program students should develop a
professional network, unique skills, and a portfolio of projects they will use throughout their
career. This is a competitive program with limited enrolment. With small classes, students should be
prepare to actively participate and contribute to class discussions.

September – December: In class at Citi Plaza!
January – April: In Class at Citi Plaza
!May – August: Practicum based on student’s geographic preference

Once accepted a student is required to maintain and overall average of 70% with no single
grade below 60%.


Important Dates: