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Occupational Health and Safety Management

1 year full time - September - August

In Class or Online + practicum

Admission requirements: Undergraduate degree in health sciences, management and organizational studies, or related field.

$7800 + ancillary fees

OSAP eligible

Application deadline: Mar 1; non-Western and International Applicants and Mar 31; current Western students and Western Alumni


Occupational Health and Safety Management

Program Overview

Working for private and public sector organizations, occupational health and safety managers keep employees safe and ensure their work environment is a healthy one. Managing the occupational health and safety function in the workplace requires an understanding of a broad range of areas, including legislation, workplace hazards and occupational illnesses, evaluation and control techniques, and managing and promoting workplace safety and wellness. Occupational health and safety must be placed within the context of the organization; understanding how organizations are structured and behave is an important component of occupational health and safety, as is an understanding of business skills, and the ability to apply strong analytical and communication skills.The ideal candidate has an undergraduate degree in health sciences, engineering, environmental science, management and organizational studies (or a related field) and is a critical thinker looking to combine their interests in health and working with people.

What you will learn

At the completion of this diploma, students will:

What to Expect

Occupational Health and Safety Management is a 12 month full time in class or online program. Courses are taught and developed by industry professionals to connect theory to practice. Through the program students should develop a professional network, unique skills, and a portfolio of projects they will use throughout their career. This is a competitive program with limited enrolment. With small classes, students should be prepared to actively participate and contribute to class discussions.


September - December: In Class at Citi Plaza
January – April: In Class at Citi Plaza
May – August: Practicum based on student’s geographic preference


Once accepted a student is required to maintain an overall average of 70% with no single grade below 60%.


Important Dates: