Students will become familiar with current practice, and its application relating to challenges in teaching students with exceptionalities.  They will engage in critical thinking that frame analysis of education practice from multiple perspectives or lenses. Participants will participate in signature pedagogies, including the use of case studies, inductive teaching methods and problem-based learning. They will have a range of opportunities to apply their knowledge and skill in projects that will contribute to professional practice. The program builds sequentially toward a capstone project in which participants may choose from a number of options to create a project or presentation that will demonstrate a synthesis of knowledge and skill in addressing a specific aspect of teaching students with exceptionalities.

Who is this program for?

This program is appropriate for classroom teachers, educators in other organizations, education support personnel and educational administrators. The program will provide those with a range of knowledge of the field with an overview of current research and practice, along with opportunities to apply this knowledge to their specific roles as education professionals.

How the program works

This fully online program includes four core certificate courses (36 hours each) that are taken sequentially and cumulate in a mini-capstone project.

What you will learn

This program will prepare participants for advanced study at the master’s level, by providing an introduction to models of service delivery for students with different types of exceptionalities. Methods of research commonly found in the literature on exceptionality education will be presented, with an emphasis on critical analysis and classroom application.  Participants in this program will achieve a level of knowledge and skill that will prepare them for teaching students with exceptionalities and/or further study at the master's level.

Faculty of Education

These courses are offered by the Faculty of Education, in Partnership with Western Continuing Studies