The Interprofessional Leadership in Clinical Decision Making Program is designed to provide you with a series of online courses that provide a foundational basis for understanding of and application of the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaboration (CIHC) competencies related to knowledge, skills, and assumptions required to share working in teams that are inclusive of patients (clients) and their chosen family member(s). Courses provide video-clips and learning activities from readings of current literature and studies. You will be placed into interprofessional online groups to encourage interprofessional sharing of learning and insights to accomplish course requirements.

The program is comprised of four core courses including 6010, 6015, 6020, and 6060 and the selection of one elective course from 6030, 6040, 6045, or 6050.  The successful completion of the core and elective courses will constitute requirements to be awarded a Certificate in Interprofessional Leadership in Practice from Western’s Office of Interprofessional Health Education & Research and Continuing Studies. You may also access up to two of the courses within the course offerings without being required to complete the total certificate program.