Western Continuing Studies
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Continuing Studies offers courses at a variety of levels designed to balance challenge with enjoyment.

Our course emphasis is on learning to use the language to communicate orally. However, reading is also encouraged, and some written exercises are assigned. Essential grammar is taught as the necessary framework on which to build communication skills. Language courses are not graded, however successful completion is based on attendance of 80% of instructional hours



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FRENCH3201 Business French Writing
LANG6353 French at Noon: Beyond the Basics Part I
LANG6351 French at Noon: The Basics Part I
LANG6352 French at Noon: The Basics Part II
FRENCH2208 French for Healthcare
FRENCH2207 French for Public Administration
FRENCH2209 French for the Media
LANG6312 French through Quebec Culture and Society
LANG6321 French: Beyond the Basics Part I
LANG6322 French: Beyond the Basics Part II
LANG6301 French: The Basics Part I
LANG6302 French: The Basics Part II
LANG6311 French: The Fast Track