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Grief is a universal event, eventually everyone experiences a significant loss.

The focus of the Certificate in Grief and Bereavement Studies is to learn about death, dying and bereavement from its many theoretical perspectives, as well as how to apply this knowledge in supporting individuals who are experiencing loss or who are grieving.

This unique and innovative Certificate Program offers professionals and volunteers an opportunity to explore cultural, social and personal aspects of death and dying. The program enables participants to gain knowledge and experience in providing support for the terminally ill and the bereaved, and to examine relevant legal and ethical issues.

In combination with the required King's University College degree-credit courses and electives, this program emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to palliative care and bereavement support through community-based services.

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GRBV6002 Communication with the Dying and Bereaved
GRBV6005 Creative Responses to Death and Bereavement
GRBV6003 Grief Support Groups
GRBV6007 Loss Across the Lifespan
GRBV6004 Palliative Care: Advanced Principles and Practices
GRBV6006 Personal and Professional Issues in Palliative Care and Bereavement
GRBV6001 Response to Crisis and Trauma
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Certificate in Grief and Bereavement Studies