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The Diploma in Arts Management from Western prepares you for a rewarding and unique career in management

Who is this for?
If you have a passion for the arts and enjoy the idea of being an administrator, we'll give you the skills you need to combine both for an exciting career.

What is arts management?
Working for galleries, symphony orchestras, festivals, or theatres, arts managers and administrators coordinate the business and administrative side of arts organizations.

When does it start?
This is a one-year, full-time program that begins in September. Taught by professionals in the field, our diploma courses prepare you for your career. The hands-on work placement adds valuable experience to your degree.

Where is it?
Courses are offered by Continuing Studies at Western, located in downtown London, Ontario.

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ARMG6014 Boards and Governance
ARMG6016 Communications in the Arts
ARMG6006 Event Management
ARMG6013 Financial Management for the Arts
ARMG6002 Foundational Planning for the Arts
ARMG6004 Funding for the Arts
ARMG6001 Introduction to the Arts
ARMG6003 Marketing and Promotion for the Arts
ARMG6101 Practicum in Arts Management
ARMG6015 Strategic Leadership for the Arts
ARMG6007 Volunteer Management
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Diploma in Arts Management