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How is your degree going to set you apart? Western’s Diploma in Computer Science will give you the edge you need!

Computing technologies are impacting science, engineering, medical and healthcare, business and so much more. Scientific discoveries are rapidly accelerating as the result of computerized instrumentation and simulations that generate huge amounts of data that can be analyzed to provide insight into scientific challenges. Engineers are facing new challenges with sensors being embedded into our physical space (e.g., cars, buildings, urban areas) that generate data to control systems found within the physical spaces.Medical and health care are changing as more information about a patient is kept online, thus enabling data mining techniques to be used to make discoveries that could improve outcomes.Businesses rely on data analysis to make predictions.Often the effective use of computing tremendously benefits from having domain expertise.

Who is this for?
If you are a creative, critical thinker we will give you the computer science fundamentals to make effective use of computing technologies in your domain of expertise.

What is it?
Western's Department of Computer Science and Western Continuing Studies offer a Diploma program for qualified university graduates with a background in Mathematics, Statistics, Science or Engineering. Students who complete the Diploma will have the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for designing and developing software. Upon completion of the Diploma, those with superior academic records who wish to pursue further studies may apply for admission to the MSc in Computer Science.

When does it start?

This is an eight-month, full-time program that begins in September.

Where is it?

Courses are offered by the Department of Computer Science in conjunction with Western Continuing Studies, and are located on Western’s main campus.

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CS3000 1.5 Computer Science credits at the 3000 or 4000 level
CS3340 Analysis of Algorithms I
CS2209 Applied Logic for Computer Science
CS4491 Computer Science Practicum (Optional)
CS2210 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS2214 Discrete Structures Computing
CS2208 Fundamentals of Computer Organization
CS2212 Introduction to Software Engineering
CS2211 Software Tools and Systems Programming
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Diploma in Computer Science