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How is your degree going to set you apart?

Western's Diploma in Game Development will give you the edge and work experience you need!

Who is this for?

If you are a curious, creative thinker with a background in computer science or software engineering, we'll give you the skills you need for an exciting career.

What is the Diploma in Game Development?

The field of video game development offers many interesting and exciting career opportunities, both in entertainment and serious game industries. Designers, programmers, and testers are needed by game development studios and by the makers of engines, tools, and middleware to support video game software. The Diploma in Game Development provides students with the opportunity to investigate computing problems in an entertaining and engaging fashion. Students will express their creativity and ingenuity, investigate multidisciplinary issues, work in realistic team settings, and ultimately prepare for entry into this stimulating and dynamic field.

When does it start?

Currently, this is an eight-month, full-time program that begins in September.

Where is it?

Courses are offered by the Department of Computer Science in conjunction with Western Continuing Studies, and are located on Western’s main campus.


Game Development at a glance …

8 months Full time
September to April
Each course is equivalent to year 4 tuition
OSAP application pending
Application deadline: March 1

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Diploma in Game Development

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