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The "Religion" of Success



The seductive world of motivational speakers, self-improvement programs, and personal development coaching comprises a $15 billion for-profit enterprise that is growing by more than 15% every year.

What is not well-known is that this massive industry has its roots in distorted and often unconscious religious ideas. This interactive seminar will explore what these undercurrents are, how they got distorted, the damage they can do, and how to identify them when you listen to motivational speakers and their various types of “personal growth and success” programs.


This course can be used as a credit for those individuals who have been enrolled, and already completed courses, in the Huron University College Lay Certificate. 


Presenter: Sharon Lindenburger

After a long career as an investigative journalist, author, editor, and teacher of creative writing, Sharon returned to Western University where she completed her MA in Theology. Her thesis topic was “The ‘Religion’ of Success,” which will later form the basis of a complete course. She is currently a PhD candidate at Western University’s Centre for Theory and Criticism.

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