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Where In The World Are Religions? World Religions And A New Model Of Learning



This presentation looks at the long-established model of teaching high school and undergraduate students according to World Religions. That idea was developed out of an older world order.

Today, the patterns of migration, economics, politics, and human identity have laid serious challenges before this traditional approach. Using the idea of exploring religion, the presentation will discuss the themes of engagement, neutrality, and historical consciousness in the future of religion.


This course can be used as a credit for those individuals who have been enrolled, and already completed courses, in the Huron University College Lay Certificate.

Presenter: Bill Acres

Bill was a Commonwealth Scholar at Cambridge University where he received a PhD in History in 1991; he received his BA in History from Huron College where he has been on faculty for many years, and since 2010 in the position of Comparative Religion and History. Recent publications include Exploring Religion: A Reader (Oxford University Press) as well as an edition of Cambridge University Library Manuscript Ee 3 56 for the Royal Historical Society, at Cambridge University Press, forthcoming (2015).

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