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Yuletide Traditions



Our Christmas traditions are certainly among the most beloved we find in our society.

Some are traditions that arise from our own personal family context, some arise from the nativity stories we find in the New Testament, but a large number arise from cultures and contexts that have little to do with the story of Christ’s birth. This seminar will explore some of those traditions, where they arose from, and how the Christian Church absorbed them as it grew from its early beginnings in what we know as the Middle East to encounter multiple cultures throughout the world.



Presenter: Rev. Janet Anstead

During the 1990s Janet practiced as a Family Law Lawyer in London. After, Janet discerned a call to Ministry she completed her seminary studies (Masters of Divinity) at Huron University College (UWO) and returned to complete a Masters of Arts (Theology). Ordained in 2005, Janet presently serves a small rural parish near Aylmer as well as serving as Coordinator of Non-degree Programs and Continuing Education at Huron.

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