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Developing Your Emotional Intelligence




Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays a critical role in the overall quality of our personal and professional lives. Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills and attitudes that help you recognize, understand and choose how you think, feel, and act. In this course you will learn how improving your own EQ will help you to effectively manage conflict, deal with stress and relate to others.

The two days in class address the topics of emotion and the brain, emotional awareness and expression, emotional regulation, assertiveness, empathy, relationship-building, decision-making, and stress management. The two weeks online address more introspective topics such as independence, problem solving, impulse control, optimism, flexibility, social responsibility, self-actualization and reality-testing.

Note: You will need to log into the online portion of the course approximately four times per week.

What You Will Learn

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand how emotional intelligence contributes to success in life and at work
  • Learn the structure and processes of our brain relating to emotions and appreciate the control that thought has on regulation of emotion
  • Develop an emotional vocabulary, consider the value of emotional expression
  • Appreciate empathy’s role in building relationships
  • Recognize the three principles of assertiveness
  • Using ‘I’ statements, communicate with firmness and clarity while remaining respectful, take your rightful space in the conversation, but leave space for the other person.
  • Using the focused conversation structure, develop clear thinking practices that acknowledge the value of emotion but ensure we move beyond emotion to analysis. Apply this structure to group discussion where strong emotion is involved.
  • Enhance their self-understanding
  • Work in a small online groups to consider ways to improve on key elements and report on their personal improvement exercises
  • Integrate and practice the skills of the course through reflection and practice exercises

What to Expect

This is a blended course. The two day in class component of this course is interactive and includes lectures, group exercises and discussion. The online component requires active participation in discussion forums and students can expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week on course work.

Please come to this course prepared to share your experiences, opinions and perspectives with the class.

There are no prerequisites required. Please come prepared to share your experiences, opinions and perspectives with the class.

Find out more

The course instructor, Janine Higgins joined us on Ask the Experts to discuss Emotional Intelligence.

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ADRN6213 - 003 Jul 06 - Jul 08, 2015 Available

Day Date Time Location
Mon, Tue, Wed   Jul 06 to Jul 08, 2015 9:00AM to 4:00PM Downtown Campus, Citi Plaza, 124

Required Textbooks: To be confirmed.

Required Software/Technology: This course is web enhanced via the OWL learning platform. Participants require access to the Internet. We recommend high-speed internet connection to get the most from OWL, now powered by Sakai.

Course Materials

Materials and handouts will be provided in class.

Attendance Requirements

To complete this course, active participation is required and participants must attend 100% of the in class portion of this course.

Janine Higgins

Course Fee $755.00 ?

Potential Discount(s): Citi Plaza , Western Alumni , CIM