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Adding Purple can Catapult your Career

Western graduate gets ahead with continuing education. Sometimes, climbing the corporate ladder at your current place of employment means heading back to school.

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When David Landowski was looking to take on a more challenging role with his employer (TD Canada Trust), he looked into the professional certificate in project management at Western Continuing Studies.

“TD’s culture really is what motivated me to develop my career and grow within the bank,” says Landowski, vendor analyst, credit cards operations and vendor relationship management at TD Canada Trust.

“When you ‘add a little purple to your resume’ great things can happen.”

Landowski started in the phone channel as a credit cards customer service officer and moved into a supervisor position where he found his career seemed to remain stagnant. He remained in the phone channel credit cards department for a total of five years before realizing he should bring further education into his career for development purposes.

“I have seen it time and time again that corporations are really looking for that University exposure when choosing leaders and selecting talent for certain positions,” says Landowski.

Landowski says working as a supervisor in credit cards has allowed him to gain a lot of transferable skills. Especially when it comes to management and personal development.

“However, gaining the necessary skills to lead projects, facilitate meetings, understand complex documents, etc., are hard to come by from such a position and thus makes it more difficult to obtain a promotion to work in a project related role,” says Landowski. “I wanted to learn these skills in detail so I could separate myself from my competition when applying for these roles.”

Landowski says he would recommend this program to anyone interested in working in any aspect of projectrelated work for their company. “I impressed the hiring managers with my sound knowledge of the project life cycle and my future aspirations of where I saw myself in the company moving forward,” he says.



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This article was originally published in Metro, June 10, 2014. p 18-19