CAREER TIPS - Consider your goals

Are you looking to change your career or move into a more advanced role in your current organization?

If this is your goal, talk to your human resources department about what education or skills learned will help you achieve your goals. Talk to your supervisor or employer about funding possibilities: many organizations offer tuition reimbursement for those trying to upgrade or learn new skills. Many organizations also offer education leave for students to attend seminar courses during the day for the same reason.

Alternatively, talk to people who are currently employed in a position similar to what you believe you would enjoy. How did they get where they are in their career? What is their past experience profile? What education would they find useful for their role? What skills do they have that benefit them in their role?

Communicate with your education provider. Continuing Studies has support staff that is ready to serve you and answer any questions you have before, during, or after your experience as a returning student.

We understand the unique needs of adults and design all of our courses and programs with those needs in mind.


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