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Continual learning in a world of continual change

Professional development is an ongoing process in which you gain the knowledge and skills to achieve your potential. In a world of continual change, professional development ensures your knowledge remains relevant and current.


Benefits of professional development

1. Promotion

In focusing on your training and development you can advance your career and move into positions where you can lead, manage, influence, coach, and mentor others. Through professional development you are:

  • more productive, efficient, and effective
  • able to reflect on your learning, highlight gaps in your knowledge, and experience and track your learning to chart your progress
  • better prepared to make new contributions in your workplace

2. Earning potential

Employers value and reward the learning agility one gains from professional development. During performance appraisals you can speak to the knowledge and skills you’ve gained that enable you to deliver a professional service to your customers, clients, and the community.


3. Professional network

By working on projects and assignments with classmates  they discover who you are, how you think, and the skills you offer. This provides an excellent basis to network during the course as well as before and after.


4. Flexible schedules

We know how challenging it is to fit your professional development into a busy life. We work with you to find the classes and online learning options that suit your needs.


5. Industry experts

Our instructors are recognized leaders in their fields who enjoy helping others realize their potential. They combine relevant professional experience and education with a commitment to lifelong learning and a passion for sharing knowledge.


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