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Posted: Heather Wakely

Date: March 13, 2017


You reviewed, researched, prepared and practiced, you are now on stage which can be nerve-racking and exciting. It's time to make the kind of impression that will get you the job.



Interview Tips: Acing the Interview


Here are a few things that you can do to make a great impression during the Interview.


Show your enthusiasm.

Ensure that your strong interest in the position comes across through what you say, how you say it, and your body language.  Don't be afraid to show how excited you are to be there.

  • Smile and show your enthusiasm and interest
  • Be aware of your body language


Go beyond your resume.

Instead of simply repeating what you shared in your resume, be sure to tell the interviewer why you made those decisions (for example, why you chose to enroll in a particular course), what your learned from previous experiences (for example, the most important skill that you developed in your recent job), and what motivates you. These examples will make your answers compelling and will help the interviewer to understand how you think and why you would be a great member of their team.   Take your answers a step further by making connections between your skills and experiences and the position you’re seeking.

  • Go beyond repeating your resume
  • Take a moment to think before answering
  • Show that you've done your research


Are they the right fit for you. 

During an interview we are often so preoccupied with what we are saying and making a great impression that we forget to consider whether the position and organization are the right fit for us. In addition to assessing those things throughout the conversation, make sure to prepare a few questions for them. Thoughtful questions will not only make a positive impression by demonstrating that you have done your research, the information you gather will help you to make a decision about whether that mentor/supervisor/job opportunity is right for you.

  • Assess whether they are the right fit for you
  • Prepare follow up questions


After the Interview

Say thank you!

The most important thing to do after an interview is to say thank you.

Be sure to follow up!  I think a thank you email is appropriate and effective knowing that decisions can be made quite quickly. Send a short and sweet message to thank them for their time, to reiterate your interest in the opportunity, and to make sure that you are ‘top of mind’ as they are making decisions.

  • Send a thank you note to each person that you met with


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