Business Analyst


Business Analyst

Using comprehensive problem-solving and communication skills, business analysts find the answers to everyday problems and decisions, and help to steer businesses in the right direction.

A recent Linkedin report listed Business Analysts as one of the most promising jobs of 2017, based on the potential for career advancement, job growth and salary.

A business analyst is an agent of change, identifying problems and opportunities for improvement, creating solutions, and, oftentimes, managing the project that will produce those solutions. They are the intermediaries between a company and its stakeholders. Every business inevitably undergoes changes, and it is the business analyst’s responsibility to ensure that only the most advantageous decisions are being made throughout those changes. Their day to day work involves examining and analyzing data, communicating the findings to those who will be affected by that data, and finding solutions to problems that indicate a need for change. Business analysts can work for business analysis firms, taking on multiple clients and projects from a variety of companies, or they can be employed by a single company and focus on resolving issues and forecasting further problems and developments within a variety of departments. Individuals possessing the skills required of a business analyst can also be employed in many other positions, including Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Digital Marketing positions.

Business analysts are highly valuable in today’s job market, and business analysis skills are highly sought after in many positions in every sector, including finance, administration, and IT. Help your organization accomplish its goals with our Business Analyst program.


Professional Certificate in Business Analysis

Business Analysis: Planning and Communication

Business Analysis: Elicitation, Documentation and Analysis

Enterprise and Strategic Analysis

Gain the analytical skill set required to identify business problems, define opportunities, and facilitate solutions.



Courses: Three required
Format: Workshop
Cost: $4485
Admission: OPEN, no application
Completion Time: 5 – 24 months