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Learning in the Heart of the Community


Post: Dec 13, 2016

By: Carolyn Young


What do Jill’s Table, the London Knights and Western Continuing Studies have in common?

Each one represents vitality in downtown London and strives for excellence in what they do. Each one in their own way is a champion for regeneration in the heart of our community.


Western Continuing Studies has been located in downtown London since 2001. Demonstrating a commitment to an inclusive town/gown relationship, Western University led the way among Canadian institutions in choosing a downtown location to ensure accessibility to learning in the community beyond the campus gates. As a key principle in lifelong learning, accessibility not only provides a place where diverse people gather, it ensures opportunity for them to learn together. Western’s leadership inspired other universities to follow suit.


According to the Canadian Urban Institute, “partnerships and long term commitment are crucial to maximize revitalization efforts and educational partners are providing many inspiring additions to Canada’s downtowns”.


Last year, more than 2470 students came to downtown London for day and evening courses from once or twice per week to 10 or 12 times per month. Including staff and instructor visits, that translates into more than 16,000 unique visits annually to our downtown.


In Downtown London’s 2016 Community Report, we are honoured that Western Continuing Studies is recognized as a champion.



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