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Top Four Reasons to Invest in Employee Learning in 2017


Posted: Jan 4, 2017

By: Christine Wilton

I love the start of a new year.  It is a time filled with hope and optimism, a natural opportunity for a fresh start.   Not everyone believes in making resolutions, but I think setting goals is a healthy habit at any time of the year.  Why not make learning a goal for your organization in 2017? 

In today’s  competitive and ever-changing marketplace, leading employers understand that a highly skilled workforce is a strategic differentiator.

Here are the top four reasons to invest in employee development in 2017:

  1. Attract and Keep Great Employees
    Employee retention is an expensive challenge for organizations. Learning and development opportunities are perceived as a benefit and will build your reputation as an employer. Investing in employee development has been proven to make employees feel more connected, valued and loyal and less likely to leave.

  2. Increase Productivity and Performance
    Employees become more engaged and productive when they are provided with the opportunity to gain new skills, and inspiration. When your employees are performing at higher levels your organizational efficiency improves.

  3. Support Succession Planning and Knowledge Transfer
    Effective learning and development programs ensure that you will have promotable employees that can take on senior and specialized roles as they become available.
  4. Save Money
    Well-executed employee development programs should be considered an investment and not an expense. Engaged, loyal and productive employees lead to higher customer satisfaction, more innovation, lower costs, and faster growth.



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