Our Secret Advantage is Our Students


Posted: Jan 10, 2017

By: Christine Wilton

When you partner with Western Continuing Studies, our association with Western University means your program is recognized by your employees, across Canada, and around the world.  Another benefit is our instructors.  Our instructors are recognized leaders in their field who bring relevant professional experience to our classrooms, and a passion for sharing their expertise and developing others.

An often overlooked advantage of learning at Western Continuing Studies is our students.  I am always impressed with the diverse backgrounds, occupations, and experiences that our students bring to the classroom. The ability to learn from other like-minded professionals will not only expose your employees to new ideas, it will help to expand their professional networks.

Our most successful corporate learning solutions combine customized training at your organization with courses at our campus. 

At your organization

Customized training ensures the learning fits your organizational needs, infuses your corporate culture, and addresses your current business challenges. 

In our classrooms

Learning at our campus allows your employees to get outside of their own four walls and learn with new people and gain new perspectives.  For example, we have worked with organizations to deliver a customized course to launch a leadership development program, enabled employees to choose courses at our campus that best meet their own professional development needs, and then delivered a final customized capstone course at the end.

Our instructors are skilled facilitators and ensure the wisdom in the room is shared. 

This short video of our instructor Andrew Bartley will give you a glimpse into one of our classrooms, and highlights how students are a major benefit to taking courses at Western Continuing Studies.



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