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Four Roles That Can Benefit From Business Analysis Training


Posted: Jan 24, 2017

By: Christine Wilton

Constant change is the new normal

How do we adapt our people, processes, and our products to the changing needs of customers and the global market?  How do we shift from reacting and changing out of necessity to changing proactively? 

Business analysts are problem solvers and change agents.  There is a misconception that business analysts are restricted to working on IT solutions, but this is not the case. Business analysts are able to identify problems, define opportunities for improvement and facilitate solutions at all levels of an organization. 

This role requires a rare combination of hard and soft skills. Research, data analysis, and process design must be combined with communication, organization, and leadership. These are all highly transferable skills that will benefit several roles in your organization.

Employees with broad skill sets and capabilities provide organizations with the flexibility to respond to change and achieve business goals. 

Four roles that can benefit from business analysis training

  1. Business Analysts
    Learning and implementing industry standardized processes will increase the quality and efficiency of your team, and increase your credibility with your customers and stakeholders.
  2. Project Managers
    Many project professionals find that their roles are changing and vary from organization to organization. In a perfect world, every project would have a project manager and a business analyst.  Organizations with smaller projects and the need to reduce costs benefit from individuals who are knowledgeable and competent in both roles.
  3. Operations and Financial Managers
    Business analysis skills and techniques will help managers responsible for decision making, strategy and driving better business results.
  4. Digital Marketers
    With the increased availability of customer data, organizations can make better business decisions using marketing analytics.


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