Business Analyst

Posted: Mar 28, 2017

By: Alison Adair


Three Reasons to Highlight Learning on your Résumé


Whether your goal is career advancement or staying informed about your industry and best practices, professional development demonstrates your ability to learn new skills and your ongoing commitment to improve to potential employers.

If you want your résumé to stand out here are three reasons why you need to keep learning.


Three reasons to highlight learning on your résumé


You know best practices

Demonstrating experience is invaluable on a résumé; backing it up with a certification shows you not only know best practices, you know how to apply them.

Maybe you have managed projects for years, and you have expertise; having a project management course on your résumé shows employers you have learned best practices.

Professional development is evidence that you have the required knowledge and you are prepared to apply it.


You are curious and want to improve

What motivates you?  It’s a common question in interviews, often answered with an example of a difficult challenge you overcame or how you set and achieved a goal.  

Learning is a great answer to this question.  It shows you are curious, you continually want to improve and are self-motivated - all are important to an employer.


You are willing to learn

In any new job you are going to need to be trained in a variety of areas, from specific tasks in your role and departmental processes to organizational culture. 

Your openness to learning shows potential employers that you are flexible and teachable. You probably learn new skills quickly and efficiently compared to someone who has not invested in professional development.  Comparing two candidates with equal experience, the individual that could be trained and up to speed quicker will edge out the other.