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What is a Corporate Partner?


Posted: Apr 19, 2017

By: Christine Wilton


At Western Continuing Studies, our clients are our partners. Whether we are working together to develop a learning solution for a few employees or your entire organization, we consider you a corporate partner. It is that simple.

Every corporate partner we work with is unique, which means every learning solution we recommend is different. There are, however, common ways that we work with our corporate partners. 


Here are the three most common ways we work with corporate partners.


Customized Training Delivered at Your Organization

These are training programs designed for small to large groups at your organization. Depending on your needs, our customized programs can be learning sessions, workshops, online delivery, or a customized certificate program. We work together to design and deliver a program that meets your business needs, addresses fits with your corporate culture. When you work with Western, you gain access to a team of training experts who work with you from start to finish.


Send Your Employees to Our Campus

Many of our corporate partners send employees to our professional development courses offered year-round at our downtown campus or online. We can help you manage a training program for specific employees, departments or your entire organization through our online Corporate Learner Portal. This is a dedicated website for your organization that allows employees to register for approved courses at a discounted rate. Many of our partners take advantage of our company invoicing feature so employees do not have to pay out-of-pocket.


Corporate Discount

Our corporate partners often like to let employees choose the courses that best meet their professional development needs.In this case, we will set up a corporate discount that can be used by every employee in your organization.


When you partner with Western Continuing Studies, you will gain access to flexible learning solutions designed to deliver results. 

Become a Corporate Partner

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a corporate partner, please contact us today.



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