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Posted: May 8, 2017

By: Natalie Ebel


Top 10 Courses in 2016/2017


We offer approximately 130 public interest courses to more than 1,500 students in any given year. This year, the following classes cracked our top 10 most popular courses.


The Effective Leader

  Topping our list this year was The Effective Leader two-day workshop, where you can discover how effective leaders help others to develop their skills in critical thinking, finding and implementing creative solutions, and assuming responsibility.


Project Management

  This is a five-month accelerated course conducted both in-class and online. Students learn how to apply project management principles in order to successfully manage and complete projects.


Collaborative Conflict Resolution

  Learn the “secrets” of keeping discussions productive and avoiding impasses that could stall or end the communication process.


Enacting Theories of Leadership: Creating Action from Theory

  In this workshop, you will take a look at current theory and thinking about leadership to help equip you with the knowledge and skills required to convert theory into positive action.


Optimizing Change

  “Change is never easy, but always possible” – Barack Obama. In Optimizing Change, you will develop your understanding and skill in assessing change readiness, aligning your vision and strategy and dealing with resistance.


Strategic Leadership

  Explore the key role of creating a vision that will shape the future of your organization, and discover how to inspire and motivate others to share that vision.


Leadership Communications

  This course delves into understanding the subtleties of communication and learning to adapt your style to meet different demands and situations.


Motivation for Superior Performance

  Learn to distinguish between management and leadership, evaluate performance effectively and inspire others to achieve their potential within the work environment and beyond.


Emotional Intelligence


Your IQ gets you the job, your EQ (emotional intelligence) gets you promoted. Come to better understand your strengths through the use of personality inventories, self-assessments and a 360 degree evaluation of your skills and traits.

Our brand new workshop, Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, will take place July 10-12, instructed by Janine Higgins.



 Coaching and Mentoring

  Key topics in Coaching and Mentoring include, developing trust and providing feedback, practicing and demonstrating active listening techniques and learning to use the coaching conversation framework.