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Posted: September 17, 2018

By: Christine Wilton


The Art and Science of Getting Things Done


Do you ever have one of those days when you get pulled in so many different directions you don't even know where to start? To make matters worse, you become surrounded by distractions that scream they need attention, but they are not always the most important priority. Finally, you end the day feeling like you have accomplished nothing.


Unfortunately, feeling overwhelmed and stressed from competing priorities has become the norm for many of us. With limited time and resources, taking a project management approach to work can help you stay focused on what is most important.


Project management is the art and science of getting things done!

We all hear and use the word "project" several times a day but not everyone knows how to successfully start, manage and close a project.  Here are three ways learning and applying general project management skills can make your days more productive no matter what your job title is.


Add structure to your day

Project management provides you with a framework to apply a structured approach to your work.  This framework will focus on making the most efficient use of your resources, to accomplish your work in the least amount of time.


Create an environment for success

Project management forces you to get organized.  The more organized you are, the more successful you will feel and become.  Improving your organization skills leads to better time management and a reduction of stress.


Feel accomplished

When you plan, use a framework and become more organized, you will get more meaningful work accomplished in your day.



Improve your skillset

If you are not a natural project manager, do not worry, there are many free apps that can help you manage your projects.  If you are new to project management and would like to learn how to apply a project management approach to your work, I recommend our Project Management Essentials workshop.


If you are an experienced project manager working in an environment of continuous change, I recommend our Certified Agile Project Manager workshop.



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