New Courses


Posted: July 10, 2017

By: Natalie Ebel


New Courses for 2017/2018

Back-to-school season is fast approaching! Have you thought about improving a specific set of skills or developing an entirely new one?

With your learning goals in mind, we’ve created several new courses for the upcoming year in topics ranging from design and emotional intelligence, to digital writing and poetry.


Fall 2017


Design Thinking

Taught by innovation guru Sidneyeve Matrix, this course is offered multiple times throughout the year in a two-day workshop format as well as online. You will learn about and engage in hands-on design thinking activities useful to drive different types of innovation and entrepreneurship, whether social, commercial, technical, or creative in nature.

This course applies as an elective towards the Professional Certificate in Management, Marketing, and Project Management.


Leading Difficult Conversations

Having difficult conversations is part of every leadership position. Learn to approach the toughest conversations with confidence by developing skills to move past emotion and deliver your message clearly and positively.

This course applies as an elective towards the Advanced Professional and Professional Certificate in Leadership.


Basic Design Principles

We’ve partnered with OCAD University to offer design based courses to help increase your creativity. Complete this course at your own pace online through a series of tutorials and assignments where you’ll learn the fundamental design principles using typography, photography and drawing.


The Art of Type

Another one of our courses offered in partnership with OCAD University, The Art of Type will give you an understanding of the potential and expressive qualities of contemporary typography. Topics include the anatomy of the letterform, distinctions between typefaces and shaping the page with type.


Emotional Intelligence in Action

This new Spark Session workshop will give you an overview of emotional intelligence – a set of skills and attitudes that help you recognize, understand and choose how you think, feel, and act.

Join us for the morning where you’ll cover topics such as how the brain regulates emotion, improving productivity with emotional intelligence and how to communicate and respond in emotionally charged situations.


Winter 2018


Communication Skills for Today’s Leader

Communication is one of the most important skills for a leader to master, but how much time do we actually spend thinking about it? This three-hour Spark Session will help you understand leadership and communication styles, build teamwork and collaboration skills with communication and select the appropriate media for various leadership tasks and audiences.


Introduction to Poetry

“Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings and making music with them.” Dennis Gabor

Bring your creativity and curiosity for this six-week night class where you’ll explore and learn techniques to understand and compose different forms of poetry.


Spring 2018


Digital Writing

Find your audience, promote your work and monetize your writing with our new online course, Digital Writing. This course is designed for all writers new to the digital environment, and the principles and methods taught are useful to creative professionals and digital entrepreneurs.