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Posted: July 28, 2017

By: Natalie Ebel


What are we Learning?


In this new article series, What are we Learning?, we will feature a Western Continuing Studies employee each month to discover what they’re currently learning at Western Continuing Studies, see how they’re applying it to their role and find out what they hope to learn in the future.

For our inaugural What are we Learning?  feature, we spoke with Western Continuing Studies Director, Carolyn Young.


What's Carolyn Learning?


What is your favourite course you’ve taken so far with Continuing Studies?

Optimizing Change, taught by Andrew Bartley.

In this course, I learned about my own orientation to change, how others deal with change and how to enable change.

How are you applying what you learned to your current role?

We are living in an exponential time of change. I am trying to engage people on my team through conversations, especially by asking questions, listening carefully to the messages and respecting the diversity in the way people think, hear and react to new information and approaches.


Do you have a learning tip for other students?  

Use all channels to communicate changes, including team meetings, email, social media and face-to-face conversations.


Is there a story or anecdote from the course you would like to share?

One of the quotes from the course that I remember is, “All stories are true, some of them even happened.”

These words came in mind at a meeting last week when I saw how a community leader responded with goodwill and composure in a confrontation with an individual who had a different perception of events. I was impressed with the leader’s respectful response and tone, in spite of the unfair and inaccurate information that was directed at her.

What are you hoping to take next?

Design Thinking if I can get in… there’s a line up!


Carolyn Young - Director - Adult Learner

Drawing on her experiences in adult education, Carolyn is a true believer in the value of lifelong learning. By developing strategic partnerships at the University and in the community, Carolyn's mandate is to ensure Western Continuing Studies  provides rewarding and innovative programs for adults seeking career growth, professional development and personal enrichment.

Twitter @c2young