Ali Adair


Posted: August 16, 2017

By: Natalie Ebel


What are we Learning?


In this new article series, What are we Learning?, we feature a Western Continuing Studies employee each month to discover what they’re currently learning at Western Continuing Studies, see how they’re applying it to their role and find out what they hope to learn in the future.

For our second feature, we asked Western Continuing Studies Communications Manager Alison Adair, “What are you learning?”


What’s Alison Learning?  


Working at Western Continuing Studies feeds two of my passions – learning and communicating. Taking courses here has allowed me the opportunity for growth and constant improvement both in my professional and personal life.

I’ve worked at Western Continuing Studies for more than 16 years, developing and managing the overall communication, marketing and social media initiatives. Communications and marketing have been transformed by digital – The value of learning comes from applying what I learn to my role and adapting to keep up with this ever-changing industry.


What is your favourite course you’ve taken so far with Continuing Studies?  

Video 101 – Two-day workshop taught by Scott May

This interactive workshop takes you through the basics of what makes good video, how to plan, frame and light your shot and tips for interview and editing. Then you get to put that knowledge to work and make a video using a variety of equipment from a smartphone to a high-end professional video camera.

How are you applying what you learned to your current role? 

I knew video would be impactful in our communication strategy and we didn’t have the budget to outsource it, but I lacked the ability and most of all confidence to try it in-house. The course provided me with the skills and increased my confidence. We are now making videos and planning on trying Facebook Live in the fall!

Scott also provided us with a hand checklist that I use every time we are filming. It helps remind you about the basics (check the battery) and makes you focus on the most important elements to a good video:

  • Tell a story
  • Focus on audio
  • Light like a pro


Do you have a learning tip for other students?

Set a goal or make a plan to apply what you have learned. After the course, I scheduled an hour each week to allow time to play with creating video footage.


What are you hoping to take next?

Design Thinking in the fall!

Twitter @aadairs

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