Patrick Vanhie


Posted: Oct. 2, 2017

By: Natalie Ebel


What are we Learning?


In this article series, What are we Learning?, we feature a Western Continuing Studies employee each month to discover what they’re currently learning at Western Continuing Studies, see how they’re applying it to their role and find out what they hope to learn in the future.

For our fourth feature, we asked Administrative Officer Patrick Vanhie, “What are you learning?”


What’s Patrick Learning?  


What is the most recent course you’ve taken with Continuing Studies?  

Business Analysis: Elicitation, Documentation & Analysis - In class with Luigi Iacobellis

The four-day course identified techniques to draw out information that can be used to form process requirements. As a group, we had the opportunity to observe a real world process outside the classroom and apply the different documentation techniques to create our own Process Model. 


How are you applying what you learned to your current role? 

The Business Analysis courses provide additional tools that I can apply to my personal and professional life. When I was new to my role at Western Continuing Studies, I was able to use the different interview and observation techniques to gather all required information to complete the task at hand. Once I had the core requirements, I was able to work through different models to create updated processes to achieve job efficiency.


Do you have a learning tip for other students?

Find a place that’s distraction free and allows you to be focused. I like the Cardinal Carter library at Kings, or the A.P. Mahoney Library at St. Peter’s Seminary.  


What are you hoping to take next?

I’m enrolling in Optimizing Change with Andrew Bartley as part of the new Agile Project Management Certificate


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