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Posted: Oct. 20, 2017

By: Alison Adair


What are we Learning?


In this article series, What are we Learning?, we feature a Western Continuing Studies employee each month to discover what they’re currently learning at Western Continuing Studies, see how they’re applying it to their role and find out what they hope to learn in the future.

For our fifth feature, we asked Practicum Coordinator, Heather Wakely, “What are you learning?”


What’s Heather Learning?  


I’ve worked at Western Continuing Studies for more than 7 years managing the experiential learning courses in the post-degree diploma programs.  I teach our students, in class, online and in one on one meetings, career management strategies and help them to gain experience in their target industries.


What is the most recent course you’ve taken with Continuing Studies?  

Approaches to Teaching and Learning taught by Lynette Carmichael.

It’s a hybrid course (two days in class and three weeks online) that applies toward the Professional Certificate in Learning and Development. It’s a great course for both experienced educators and those who aspire to teach adult learners.

We examined learning theories and characteristics of adult learners and considered how our own learning preferences impact our teaching style. At the end of the course, we worked in groups to demonstrate approaches to teaching and we had a lot of fun doing it!.


How are you applying what you learned to your current role? 

One of the learning outcomes of this course was the development of a personal teaching philosophy. I now have that to reference and to guide me in my work.


Do you have a learning tip for other students?

If you are new to online learning, consider a hybrid course.  After spending a day in class with my peers and instructor, I felt well prepared to start the online learning portion of the course.


What are you hoping to take next?

I’m looking forward to taking the Needs Assessment course with Mohamed Hammoud in November.





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