Posted: June 1, 2018

By: Alison Adair


Western believes that providing support for employee education is a smart investment.

As an employee at Western, you have access to world-class learning opportunities that build core competencies in leadership and innovation, as well as in-depth knowledge in industry-specific disciplines.

Western University would like to invest in you!

To help meet your professional educational goals and make learning more convenient, Western Human Resources has pre-approved all professional development courses offered at Western Continuing Studies.

More than 150 courses and 22 certificates are now advanced funded for eligible Western employees.

This means you will not have to personally provide payment and seek reimbursement for all professional development courses, workshops or spark sessions offered by Western Continuing Studies.

Our courses are developed specifically for working adults who are serious about achieving their career goals. Our practical approach to learning provides you with the opportunity to apply what you have learned back in your workplace, which benefits both you and your team at Western.

Whether you are just starting your career, improving your résumé or getting close to retirement, professional development at Western Continuing Studies is one of the best ways for you to use your educational assistance plan to upgrade your skills and knowledge.


Eligible Courses and Programs






Eligible employees at Western are provided with an educational assistance plan to pursue professional development as per their employee agreement. Many Continuing Studies courses qualify for advanced or reimbursed funding through Western’s Educational Assistance Plan administered by Western Human Resources.


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