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By: Alison Adair


Online courses starting soon

While it may not be business as usual for any of us at the moment, your curiosity and need to learn are evident in activities from bread making and jigsaws to registering for an online course. We hope these courses will help meet your professional development goals and keep you learning.




starting April 28 and 29

These online design and software courses will increase your creative potential, enhance your creative career or explore new areas of self-expression. All OCAD courses are offered in partnership with the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U).

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop | Introduction to Adobe InDesign | Illustration Essentials



Teaching Online

May 11 - June 19

Explore the best practices in adult-centered online learning. Discover how to relate the theories and principles of adult learning to your personal online teaching approach/philosophy. Experience online learning from the perspective of both the educator and the learner.



Marketing Strategy and Planning

May 11 - June 19

Understand what goes into the planning, implementation, evaluation, and control of marketing strategies and programs for products and services.

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Digital Writing

May 25 - July 17

Find your audience, promote your work and monetize your writing. Learn how to build online platforms to find new readers or clients online. This course is designed for all writers new to the digital environment, and the principles and methods taught are useful to creative professionals and digital entrepreneurs.

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NEW Introduction to Social Enterprise Development for Not-For-Profits

June 1 to June 26

Discover why successful not-for profit organizations are using social enterprise as a tool to advance their mission and create financial sustainability. 

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Emotional Intelligence

June 22 to July 17

Discover how to inspire, motivate and demonstrate sensitivity to others. Explore the crucial roles that self-awareness and awareness of emotions play in effective leadership and how to lead from both the heart and the mind.

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Problem-Solving, Decision-Making and Creativity

July 20 to August 14

Inspire others to develop and exercise innovation and creativity in problem-solving: an essential skill in today’s fast-paced and complex world.

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