It’s a new world for all of us


In March we started on a journey together without knowing the changes to our lives. May is here and we have not only learned a lot, but also reached a few milestones along the way.


We launched three free courses to help provide the community with opportunities to keep learning. The response was incredible. Over 2,400 learners are enrolled in three online courses: Everyday French: A Québecois Adventure, Emergency Management, and Design Thinking. If you are taking one of these courses and are new to online learning at Western Continuing Studies, we understand that this experience is not only exciting, but also different.


To make the most of your learning, we encourage you to use a couple of our resources:

Learning Tips | Excelling Online | Maintaining Motivation


Spring courses are underway. We thank all of our instructors who have converted in-person programs to online delivery. We recognize that online teaching is a new experience for several of them. They have embraced this opportunity with the same passion for teaching and expertise that they bring to face-to-face classes.


At this time there are a few options for fall programs. The team at Western Continuing Studies is developing ways to meet the learning and teaching needs of our community. We continue to follow the university’s lead and our planning for various scenarios depends on how the situation evolves and Western chooses to proceed.


As we consult with our instructors and reach decisions about the best way to offer learning, we will keep you posted.


Thank you for choosing Western Continuing Studies to keep on learning.


Carolyn Young

Director, Western Continuing Studies


Twitter @c2young