Sharpen your language or data skills or build your leadership ability this Fall! 

To meet our learner's evolving needs, we’ve developed new courses and certificates so you can keep learning this Fall. Take one of these courses or stack them towards a certificate program. 



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Excel Analytics: Tools and Techniques

Go beyond the basics

Develop a strong Excel skillset to manage large amounts of data in any industry effectively. Learn how to organize, understand, and extract value from the data that your organization generates. 

Why: Advance your Excel skills to understand and evaluate data.
Designed for: Anyone wanting to gain basic data literacy and analysis skills.

Aug 28 - Sep 29
Online: with Real-Time 






Resolving Conflict at Work

Lead purposefully and effectively through conflict.

Learn skills and processes to assist in resolving conflict within your organization. Discover how and when to assert your input while at the same time drawing out interests from the other participants in the conflict, thus facilitating ‘buy-in’ to the solution.

Why: Positively manage conflict and improve employee satisfaction and overall performance of the organization.
Designed for: Individuals looking to gain increased confidence in approaching and handling conflict at work.

Sep 18 - Oct 27
Online: with Real-Time 






Web Development Foundations

Learn to code

Discover the basic tools of web development: HTML, the backbone of web development; CSS, a powerful tool to give webpages consistent styles and formats; Bootstrap, an open-source CSS framework used for mobile-first, responsive design; and JavaScript, a core web technology.

Why: Learn how to use HTML to create webpages and how to use CSS to make your website look great.
Designed for: Beginning web developers, designers, and other professionals looking to add website development to their skills.

Sep 18 - Oct 27
Online: with Real-Time 






Spanish Essentials

Acquire essential Spanish language skills while learning more about Hispanic culture

Start your Spanish language learning journey with our three new online Spanish courses. Take a course or complete all three and earn a Certificate in Spanish Essentials. Develop your Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of verbs and other useful topics like time, numbers, dates, and seasons. 

Why: Improve your Spanish
Designed for: Beginners or those looking to brush up on their existing Spanish skills for personal interest or professional development

Starting Sep 18 
Online: Live                                  







Travel Writing

Explore the world through your writing

Discover the different styles of travel writing. Evaluate what type of travel writer you are based on your experiences, philosophy, and niche. 

Why: Understand the types of travel writing and learn to write, market and edit your work to make it more appealing to the publisher and your readers.
Designed for: Writers of all skill levels looking to sharpen skills, hone ideas, and study the craft of writing.

Nov 6 - Dec 15
Online: with Real-Time 






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