Innovative solutions await your team with training from Western Continuing Studies

Innovative solutions await your team with training from Western Continuing Studies. As a leader in the development and delivery of professional development training programs, Continuing Studies has provided customized training to businesses and organizations for over 50 years.

If you and your organization are seeking ways to optimize your knowledge and skills in the workforce, customized training programs from Continuing Studies offer:

  • Training that is linked to your organizational strategy
  • Practical skills that can be applied directly to your organization
  • Effective training methods and delivery options that meet your needs and preferences
  • Courses led by experts in their respective fields; experts who understand the needs of adults learners
  • Focused learning that takes days, not years
  • Learning on site, in-house or online

Continuing Studies provides customized corporate training solutions by leveraging our strengths:

  • Relevant career-focused curriculum
  • Multi-disciplinary study areas
  • Exceptional instructors who are in business, leadership, management and communications
  • Flexible learning options and delivery modes

Our training draws on the best practices in adult learning in course delivery including:

  • Mini-lectures
  • Interactive group activities
  • Role-play sessions
  • Class presentations
  • Case studies
  • Online discussion forums

We specialize in:

  • Conflict Management: Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Management Skills for the 21st Century
  • Project Management
  • Business and Management
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Negotiating Your Organization's Collective Agreement
  • Beyond Bargaining: Developing and Sustaining a Culture of Co-operation
  • Risk Management
  • Supervisory Management Training
  • Business Writing





Our corporate clients include:


Amway Global

City of London

Horizon Ontario

Ontario Police College

TV Works

Union of Ontario Indians

Western University

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