Apprentice Training Stream

In partnership with the Pedorthics Association of Canada, Western Continuing Studies offers the following courses for those students taking the apprenticeship training route.  

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. Must have completed a minimum of 1500 hours under the supervision of a C. Ped (C)

2. Must be a member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) - membership number required

3. Must provide the lab name and contact information for fabrication components

4. Must complete the assumption of risk

*An online application must be completed at registration to confirm minimum requirements. 

How Do I Register?

  • Complete the required eligibility application
  • Register

Note: If you are not a PAC member, please contact the Pedorthic Association of Canada for details on how to apply.  As a PAC member taking Pedorthic courses offered by Western Continuing Studies, it is important to note that you are not eligible to receive the Diploma in Pedorthics.