Understand a pedorthic view of footwear and its importance in the overall pedorthic treatment. Explore footwear history and construction, and discuss pedorthic modifications to existing footwear in depth. Learn to fit, analyze and recommend custom footwear.


  • Footwear history and how it has resulted in footwear suitable for pedorthic practice
  • The importance of appropriate footwear fit
  • Pedorthic modifications to footwear
  • Unusual shoe wear patterns and their possible solutions


Non-diploma students must meet the following criteria to register:

  1. Completed a minimum of 1500 hours under the supervision of a C. Ped (C)
  2. Member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) - membership number required
  3. Provide the lab name and contact information for fabrication components 
  4. Complete the assumption of risk

*A supplementary application form will be provided upon registration to confirm minimum requirements.  

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Jan 06, 2020 to Apr 03, 2020
Total Hours
  • Linda Deschamps

What to Expect

This is an interactive course; you will engage online with your class and instructor through our online learning management system. Plan to log into your course regularly throughout the week.

You can expect approximately six hours of work per week for discussions, readings, assignments, exams/quizzes and other course requirements.

Completion Requirements

This is a graded course. Evaluation will be based on any combination of participation, exams/quizzes and assignments.

Required Materials

1. Contemporary Pedorthics, Decker & Albert, 1st edition, ISBN 1587830191.

2. Professional Shoe Fitting, Rossi & Tennant, 2011 edition, ISBN 9781463647384.

3. Resource Package to be purchased from PAC. Complete the order form and email to info@pedorthic.ca.
   Content of package contains:

  • Human Locomotion: The Conservative Management of Gait-Related Disorders, Thomas Michaud, 2011 edition, ISBN 9780615516455.
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Reference Manual of Best Practices in Pedorthic Care, Pedorthic Association of Canada, 2012 edition.
  • Foot Skeleton
  • Material sample rings
  • Orthotic samples