Apply your knowledge in a practical setting. Demonstrate professionalism and build your network by using your knowledge  of pedorthic practice in real life. Participate in a placement which will be secured through an interview process between the student and an approved C. Ped (C). Focus on the business of a pedorthic practice, keeping records, establishing a client-centered therapeutic relationship, and applying and carrying out treatments. All sites must be approved by the Placement Coordinator.



PEDS6002 and PEDS6003 are required prerequisites.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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  • Kelly Robb
Enrollment in PEDS 6101 Clinical Practicum is open to admitted students of the program. Students must achieve no single grade below 60% and achieve an overall cumulative average of 70% in term one and term two to proceed to the second PEDS 6102 Footwear practicum.