Leading Through Conflict


Part 1: The Leader’s Role in Resolving Conflict

Discover why appropriately leading conflict resolution is an essential leadership skill. Develop and hone your skill in resolving differences and negotiating agreements that lead to action.


  • Minimizing frustration by applying the Circle of Conflict analysis tool
  • Thomas Kilmann’s Conflict Handling Mode Instrument
  • Drawing out the best in others in conflict situations


Part 2: Leading Difficult Conversations

Having difficult conversations is part of every leadership position. Learn to approach the toughest conversations with confidence by developing skills to move past emotion and deliver your message clearly and positively.


  • Assertive Communication
  • Reducing defensiveness and sustaining dignity
  • Defusing emotions
  • The focused conversation method
  • The power of a positive no


Part 3: Negotiation Skills for Leaders

Understand how appealing to the interests of those you lead and communicating effectively can help you to negotiate mutually satisfactory outcomes and enhance relationships. Learn a step by step model, using a 'principled negotiation' approach, that can be used with many levels in your organization.


  • When to negotiate and when to use another approach
  • The Negotiation Cycle (from Planning to Agreement Maintenance)
  • Creating a positive working relationship even where there is negative history
  • Communication skills that will enhance negotiation


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