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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays a critical role in the overall quality of our personal and professional lives.

Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills and attitudes that help you recognize, understand and choose how you think, feel, and act.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

In this course you will learn how improving your own EQ will help you to effectively manage conflict, deal with stress and relate to others.

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Turn Your Degree into a Career!

Post-Degree Diploma Programs are designed for university students and graduates wanting specific knowledge, skills and experience necessary to move into an exciting career and meet the demands of today’s employers. A diploma complements your undergraduate degree and can help you reach your career goals by providing you with the skills that today’s employers demand.

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Live the Language and the Culture


French Immersion Week for Adults

Speak French more easily and with greater confidence

Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation, enjoy the opportunity to practice your speaking skills in the company of other adults at your level of French ability, get your mind into “French mode” again, enjoy the culture of Québec, make lasting memories while experiencing something totally unique.

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Strengthen your overall communication strategy by using video that will grab attention and enable you to effectively convey your message to viewers.

Learn how a well produced video can benefit your organization in terms of enhancing your image and reinforcing your brand.

Video 101

This hands-on course will offer a starting point on how to create a ready-for-web video. Learn how to come up with a concept, plan and capture footage through basic shooting techniques including lighting, sound and editing. This is an introductory course for corporate communicators, marketers, not-for-profit organizations and anyone looking to benefit from a positive return on investment.

Two-Day Workshop
May 8 & 9
9:00am - 4:00pm



Important security news

You may have heard about "Heartbleed", a major security bug that's currently being widely covered in the news. Western Continuing Studies uses PSIGate for all our ecommerce transactions. We want to assure you that PSIGate's architecture is not in any way affected by Heartbleed.

Heartbleed impacts OpenSSL, the cryptographic software library that enables a kind of encryption called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in many open source webservers today. This library governs secure communications between computers on the Internet and the webserver.

Heartbleed is the name for a vulnerability that was discovered within several versions of OpenSSL library.

PSiGate servers do not use OpenSSL libraries, so your integration to PSIGate remains secure and no remediation action is required.

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