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Communication is one of the most powerful - and most overlooked - tools a leader needs.

Communication is at the very heart of leadership. Effective leaders understand the subtleties of communication and are able to adapt their styles to meet different demands and situations. Leadership Communication, a two day workshop will enable you to explore and develop your own communication styles and learn how to flexibly apply them in different contexts.


Leadership Communications
Jul 6 & 7

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Turn Your Degree into a Career!

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Post-Degree Diploma Programs are designed for university students and graduates wanting specific knowledge, skills and experience necessary to move into an exciting career and meet the demands of today’s employers. A diploma complements your undergraduate degree and can help you reach your career goals by providing you with the skills that today’s employers demand.

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Historically, artists have often lived as social outcasts because of their unconventional lifestyles within the mores of a given time and place.

Not a Pretty Picture: Artists, Crime and Deviance

Join popular and award-winning instructor, Sonia Halpern for this course which is facilitated in partnership with and held at Museum London. For some artists, these lifestyles have included involvement in criminal or deviant acts which, in addition to their masterpieces, have often contributed to their enduring legacies. We will examine the involvement of selected artists in cases of sexual misconduct, violent crimes, and addictions, and look at how these biographies informed these artists' work.

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Empower your team

Professional Development That Empowers Your Workforce

The benefits to be gained by investing in corporate training and development include:

  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Highly motivated employees
  • A flexible, creative, innovative workforce
  • Reduced employee turnover

As one of Canada's leading Universities, Western Continuing Studies offers industry-relevant corporate training programs to meet the needs your business. 

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Tax Time!

For personal enrichment and professional development courses, a receipt is sent to you by email at the time of registration. You may reprint your receipt by logging in to myWCS and select Transaction History.

Personal enrichment and professional development courses are not considered degree credit courses and therefore do not qualify as an education tax credit by Revenue Canada. You may be able to claim course fees on your federal income tax, line 323 (complete schedule 11) using your registration receipt. For more information, please visit Canada Revenue Agency or consult a tax professional.


Please note that the T2202A form (Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate) is not issued for courses offered through Western Continuing Studies, with the exception of courses that are part of a post degree program. Students who have been formally admitted to a post degree program will be issued a T2202A by the University.



Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Opportunity for companies to invest in their employees, with help from the government.

The grant will fund two-thirds of a worker’s eligible training costs (tuition, textbooks and materials) to a max of $10,000.  Training is from an eligible third-party trainer like Western Continuing Studies

The business must:

  • Contribute at least one-third of training costs
  • Employ the worker you plan to train
  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario and have insurance

More information and the application can be found at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities