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All classes running as scheduled 

CitiPlaza has reopened and all classes at Western Continuing Studies are running as scheduled for Tuesday, September 16


Achieve your goals, wherever you are!

Online learning provides the flexibility to learn by removing the limits of time and space. Learn on your own schedule and study during the times of the day when you are at your most productive.

As the demand for high-quality online courses and programs increases, our goal at Western Continuing Studies is to ensure that our courses in the virtual classroom are as rich and meaningful as the traditional face-to-face model.

Our wide array of online courses adds convenience and flexibility to your learning experience.Learn on your own schedule and study during the times of the day when you are at your most productive. As the pace of our lives speeds up, these benefits are invaluable.

Online Courses

Turn Your Degree into a Career!

Post-Degree Diploma Programs are designed for university students and graduates wanting specific knowledge, skills and experience necessary to move into an exciting career and meet the demands of today’s employers. A diploma complements your undergraduate degree and can help you reach your career goals by providing you with the skills that today’s employers demand.

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Take advantage of this convenient offering and learn at lunch!

Bring your lunch and get ready to learn!

Continuing Studies offers courses at a variety of levels designed to balance challenge with enjoyment.

Our course emphasis is on learning to use the language to communicate orally. However, reading is also encouraged, and some written exercises are assigned. Essential grammar is taught as the necessary framework on which to build communication skills.

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Empower your team

Professional Development That Empowers Your Workforce

The benefits to be gained by investing in corporate training and development include:

  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Highly motivated employees
  • A flexible, creative, innovative workforce
  • Reduced employee turnover

As one of Canada's leading Universities, Western Continuing Studies offers industry-relevant corporate training programs to meet the needs your business. 

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New Religion Series

This year in a partnership with Huron University College, Western Continuing Studies will be offering a new series of six courses in World Religions.

This personal development series is designed to engage participants on an intellectual, social and cultural level and stimulate lively discussions based on informative class content and engaging instruction.


The "Religion" of Success

What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam

Where In The World Are Religions?

World Religions - Eastern Traditions

World Religions - Western Traditions

Yuletide Traditions