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Working in teams has become increasingly important over the past few decades.

Develop your skills and knowledge in understanding the types, characteristics and functions of teams, and how to provide effective leadership for those teams.

Developing and Leading Teams

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If you are a university graduate wanting specific knowledge, specialized skills and experience to differentiate themselves in the job search process. Our Post-Degree Diploma Programs are for you! 

Post-Degree Diploma is a one year program with a career focus:

    •    In-depth, subject-specific knowledge and skills
    •    Connecting theory to practice and gaining valuable experience through a mandatory practicum
    •    Develop a professional network and a portfolio of projects you can use throughout your career
    •    A highly regarded Western University credential

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Live the language and the culture!

Discover a whole new world of learning and make lasting memories while experiencing something totally unique.

Our French Immersion Week designed for adults allows you to learn the language while living the culture and life of Trois-Pistoles.

French Immersion Week for Adults

Two new programs are being offered this year:
A Family French Immersion Week for adults and children, aged 6 to 13 and
a new credit course for French teachers.


Empower your team

Professional Development That Empowers Your Workforce

The benefits to be gained by investing in corporate training and development include:

  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Highly motivated employees
  • A flexible, creative, innovative workforce
  • Reduced employee turnover

As one of Canada's leading Universities, Western Continuing Studies offers industry-relevant corporate training programs to meet the needs your business. 

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Our programs are designed with your career and life aspirations in mind. Developed in collaboration with Western faculties, professional associations and corporate partners, our courses and programs are flexible, creative and innovative in helping you develop your career and enrich your life.

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New for 2016!

As professions and industries are evolving, there are new tools, technologies and methods to learn.  

To meet these demands and your passion for knowledge, we are launching new courses in communications, design and leadership.  

Not sure if you’re ready to make the time or financial commitment of taking a course?

We understand that too. 

Why not refresh your knowledge with one of our Spark Sessions?  You will leave with competitive strategies, best practices, and new skills that can be applied to your job right away ... in just 3 hours!

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