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Have you become the unofficial project manager in your role?

NEW: Project Management Essentials

Designed for individuals new to project management or for those who lack formal training. Project team members, managers, business professionals and administrative staff who need a better understanding of project management within their organizations, or are looking to utilize a project management approach to their work, will all benefit from this course.

This course will take you through a complete project life cycle and you will learn about the five project management process groups. A practical overview of project management that will provide you with the essential skills, tools and terminology to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Three Day Workshop
Nov 3 - 5
9:00am - 5:00pm

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Turn Your Degree into a Career!


University graduates wanting specific knowledge, specialized skills and experience to differentiate themselves in the job search process.

Western’s Post-Degree Programs will give you the edge you need!

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Take advantage of this convenient offering and learn at lunch!

Bring your lunch and get ready to learn!

Continuing Studies offers courses at a variety of levels designed to balance challenge with enjoyment.

Our course emphasis is on learning to use the language to communicate orally. However, reading is also encouraged, and some written exercises are assigned. Essential grammar is taught as the necessary framework on which to build communication skills.

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Empower your team

Professional Development That Empowers Your Workforce

The benefits to be gained by investing in corporate training and development include:

  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Highly motivated employees
  • A flexible, creative, innovative workforce
  • Reduced employee turnover

As one of Canada's leading Universities, Western Continuing Studies offers industry-relevant corporate training programs to meet the needs your business. 

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How to Have a Successful Career

Having career success is a common goal many people share. Working is a significant part of life so there’s no wonder people want to do something that is meaningful to them. Many people spend at least 40 hours a week working whether they want to or not. It puts food on the table and pays the bills, but besides being a means of living it should also be fulfilling.

Tip 1: Do What You Love

It may sound simple, but doing something that you love is the ultimate key to success. If you have no interest in what you do you will never be satisfied. You need to choose a career that you can see yourself in everyday and for years to come. You are going to be spending a lot of time at work so choosing something that meshes well with your personality, hopes and dreams is crucial.

Keep reading our tips that will help you ensure a successful career.

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Digital fluency is necessary not only to get ahead, but also to avoid lagging behind

Boost your career by understanding and utilizing the communication tools of the digital age.



Effective digital communication creates persuasive communications in different media, such as websites, video, social media, text, or animated multimedia. Digital communication is a sought-after skill for most careers.  At some point, we are all involved in Digital Communications, whether it is in the form of conceptualizing, producing, delivering, or receiving communications in our jobs and lives.

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