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Strengthen your overall communication strategy by using video that will grab attention and enable you to effectively convey your message to viewers.

Learn how a well produced video can benefit your organization in terms of enhancing your image and reinforcing your brand.

Video 101

This hands-on course will offer a starting point on how to create a ready-for-web video. Learn how to come up with a concept, plan and capture footage through basic shooting techniques including lighting, sound and editing. This is an introductory course for corporate communicators, marketers, not-for-profit organizations and anyone looking to benefit from a positive return on investment.

Two-Day Workshop
May 7 & 8
9:00am - 4:00pm


Turn Your Degree into a Career!

Post-Degree Diploma Programs are designed for university students and graduates wanting specific knowledge, skills and experience necessary to move into an exciting career and meet the demands of today’s employers. A diploma complements your undergraduate degree and can help you reach your career goals by providing you with the skills that today’s employers demand.


Avoir le français à coeur!

Western University's French Immersion School attracts participants from all over Canada, the United States, Latin America, and other parts of the world, who wish to upgrade their education or pursue a professional or personal goal. The French Immersion School offers its clients an experience of a lifetime: a complete immersion environment, so that they not only learn French, but live the language and the culture.

Non-credit programming for beginner level students, adult learners and French as a second language teachers.
All courses held in the heart of one of Québec's most beautiful regions.


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Empower your team

Professional Development That Empowers Your Workforce

The benefits to be gained by investing in corporate training and development include:

  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Highly motivated employees
  • A flexible, creative, innovative workforce
  • Reduced employee turnover

As one of Canada's leading Universities, Western Continuing Studies offers industry-relevant corporate training programs to meet the needs your business. 

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Explore our Spring and Summer Courses

Ready to give your career a boost, explore a new field or pursue a passion? Let Western Continuing Studies help. Explore our spring and summer courses and professional certificates to find a program that is right for you!

Spring and Summer courses

It's final exam time for many of our students

Exam time

Written your final exam?  Completed a professional certificate?  What should you do?

Pat yourself on your back! It's a big accomplish and something you should be proud of!

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Once the final grades are entered, we will automatically start the process of issuing your certificate.


You should expect the certificate in the mail approximately a month after the course finishes.

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