Is your organization looking for new ways to meet employees’ learning goals and fill in skill gaps? Partner with us to deliver professional development training to your workforce.

In a partnership with us, your organization has access to a unique combination of academic reputation and industry expertise. Designing programs for your unique needs or choosing from a roster of existing course offerings, professional development can be delivered in our space, yours, or anywhere in-between.



We aim to make Western’s research excellence and subject matter expertise accessible to those in our broader community. To that end, we are proud to partner with Western University faculties and departments to deliver courses and programs for a diverse audience. These partnerships enable us to develop and deliver high-quality post-degree diploma programs, as well as help faculties to deliver their own non-credit professional development courses, personal interest courses and micro-credentials.

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In our community we collaborate with a range of diverse organizations.

In a partnership with Pillar Nonprofit Network, Western Continuing Studies provides financial support for professional development programming to 340 member agencies.

Western Continuing Studies is also active in partnerships with higher education associations, including the Canadian Association of University Continuing Education, Ontario Council for University Lifelong Learning and University Professional Continuing Education Association.



We collaborate with organizations in the community and around the world to provide our post-degree diploma students with valuable work experiences through our practicum program. Students develop the necessary knowledge and skills over an eight-month period in class to prepare for their first day of practicum.

Practicums are four-month, full-time placements that provide students with the work experience necessary to kick-start their careers.  Add a little purple to your organization!



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