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Half-Day Workshops Designed to Optimize Team Performance


We've taken our most popular programs and created three-hour, skills-based workshops to enhance and improve your team's effectiveness.



Your team will leave with competitive strategies, best practices, and new skills that can be immediately applied to their roles. Our instructors are experienced industry practitioners who understand your employees' issues and challenges.


Ideal for Corporate Retreats

These interactive workshops are ideal for a corporate retreat or as part of your ongoing professional development strategy. Select from our extensive list of topics, or let us know your needs, and we will customize a session specifically to your business strategy and learning goals. 





Authentic Leadership

Define a direction for your leadership style and what represents you at your core.

Leading Change

Develop a plan to effectively communicate, provide vision, engage stakeholders, foster resilience, monitor progress, and celebrate success.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding the emotional aspect of human interactions can reduce misunderstandings and can help build more cohesive teams and organizations.  




The Power of Strategic Questions

Learn how using strategic questions can help you influence others, improve your decision-making skills and help you turn challenges into successes.


Managing Your Productivity at Work

Learn strategies to organize, prioritize and overcome bottlenecks to be more productive.


How to Handle Difficult Conversations

Learn powerful tools and techniques to help you deliver ‘bad news’, raise issues, handle confrontation and address problematic behaviour in the workplace.




How to Talk so People Listen

Learn powerful communication techniques to help you manage workplace relationships, assignments and ideas.


Sparking Creativity and Engagement

Learn innovative strategies to generate ideas, recommendations, and solutions for challenges and opportunities facing your organization or community.


Strategies for Resilience and Success

Learn how self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and stress management all play key roles in making us more successful in both our professional and personal lives.





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Partner with Us

Whether you and your team want to enhance specific skills or broaden your knowledge base, our learning solutions can be tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer the flexibility to cater to a few employees, teams, or your entire organization, putting you in control of your learning journey.


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Our Corporate Learner Portal manages your training program for specific employees, departments or your entire organization.


Select from more than 10 half day workshops or partner with us to develop a customized learning program for your team.



We will work with you to assess your organization’s learning goals and develop a learning solution unique to your organization's needs.