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Managing Change



Change is the new normal. Here’s how to manage it.

In business, and in life, nothing ever stays the same. But the amount of global change brought about by COVID-19 is something most have never experienced before.



woman on phone working remotely in kitchen beside window with sun shining in


A simple framework for effective leadership in a post-pandemic world

It’s said that true leaders rise to the challenge during a crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided ample opportunity to put that theory to the test.


group of employees sitting side by side


Equality vs. Equity: What does it mean for your workplace?

When it comes to workplace trends, 2020 is set to be the year when people come first.


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Flexible and engaging ways to learn

As the demand for high-quality online courses and programs increases, our goal at Western Continuing Studies is to ensure that our courses in the virtual classroom are as engaging and meaningful as face-to-face classes.





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