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The Value of Learning



The Value of Continuous Learning

According to the study, learning new, transferable skills is one of the best things Canadian workers – and their employers - can do to keep up with the pace of change.



New Courses


Curious about what’s new at Western Continuing Studies?

Throughout our careers, and in every aspect of our lives, we are often asked to meet new demands and overcome unique challenges.


3 Steps to Improving your Decision-Making Skills


3 Steps to Improving your Decision-Making Skills

We make hundreds of decisions each day. Some are as simple as what to eat for lunch. Others, like selecting a new hire, are more complicated and may have far-reaching consequences.


On the cover



Three Project Management Trends to Watch

As organizations struggle to keep pace with a rapidly-changing work environment, it’s up to project managers to keep stakeholders working together towards a common goal. Here are three project management trends Aguanno says can help them succeed. 





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