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International Applicants - Provincial Attestation Letter Update


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Travelling from your home country can be a big decision. By joining the Western Continuing Studies community, you will be a part of a diverse student body of over 5,000 international students from more than 128 countries worldwide.  When you choose a Post-Degree Diploma at Western, you are choosing your new home with high-quality education, a great location and a variety of supports available; you will see why we are a top destination for international students around the globe.



Are you an international applicant?

We consider you an international applicant if you have completed your Bachelor's degree outside of Canada. You are still considered an international applicant if you completed a Master's or Ph.D. in Canada.  

Being an "international applicant" does not affect your status or tuition if you are Canadian or a permanent resident.

Currently studying in Canada?

If you are currently an international student completing a Bachelor's degree in Canada, follow the domestic application process. Upon acceptance, you will still be considered an international student and will be required to pay international tuition.  


Applying to a Post-Degree Program


Admission Requirements

Successful completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. A minimum overall average of 70% (around a B- or 2.7 GPA) as calculated by Western in your bachelor's degree.

International applicants must meet the English proficiency requirements for Western University Admissions.



Submit an Application

All Post-Degree programs require you to apply for admission.

For the application, you must provide a personal interest statement, two references, personal and educational information and a nonrefundable application fee.



Official Transcripts 

Official transcripts that are securely sealed and sent directly through mail or courier to Western Continuing Studies from your University.


Apply Early

Expect to wait approximately 3-4 months to process your Study Permit and visa before travelling to Canada, so apply early!



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