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At Western University we believe in creating global citizens through learning and connecting to others.

Whether your interests are professional growth or personal enrichment, at Western Continuing Studies, we are here to help you make connections between learning and life.

Through our courses and programs, you will gain knowledge and skills relevant to your career and interests, but you will also make connections with a network of students and instructors from across Canada and around the world.

In our classrooms at Western's main campus in London, Ontario, or in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, on site or online, no matter who you are, your learning success is our primary goal.

Everyone is welcome.




Western Continuing Studies is the continuing education department of Western University.

We believe learning never ends. Whether pursuing a higher level of education or exploring a new interest, our courses are designed with your career and life aspirations in mind. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to keep learning at every point in your life.


University Students

We offer bursary/credit programs in French Immersion. An experience of a lifetime in a complete immersion environment, you not only learn French, but live the language and the culture of Québec.


Recent Graduates

Designed for recent graduates, we offer eight diploma programs to complement your undergraduate degree. These one-year full-time programs combine learning in class or online with a four-month practicum placement and provide specific knowledge and experience to start your career.



Whether your goal is career advancement or to stay informed about your industry and best practices, professional development demonstrates to employers your ability to learn new skills and your ongoing commitment to improvement. Choose from 19 certificates and hundreds of courses and workshops.



Organizations partner with Western Continuing Studies to give employees the skills, experience and motivation they need to excel. Employees can attend our professional development courses and workshops or we can customize a program to your organization’s specific needs.


Lifelong Learners

If you have a passion for learning, we have courses to feed your curiosity, from arts to writing to a complete immersion experience in Québec, where you can learn and live the language and the culture of Québec.


Through innovative leadership in lifelong learning, Western Continuing Studies creates and delivers responsive and accessible programs.




Innovative  leadership  in  lifelong  learning




Nicole Tate-Hill

As a dedicated lifelong learner, Nicole began her career at Western Continuing Studies as an Academic Program Manager in 2014. Her commitment to education and professional development led her to the role of Director. In her role, she hopes to foster a culture of access and opportunity for learners at any point in their personal or professional journey. 

Her passion for continuous learning extends to her love for learning about new things and taking time for other hobbies, such as music and anything to do with the beach.