Western Continuing Studies
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Boost your career by understanding and utilizing the communication tools of the digital age.

Effective digital communication creates persuasive  communications in different media, such as websites, video, social media, text, or animated multimedia. Digital  communication is a sought-after skill for most careers. At some  point, we are all involved in digital communications, whether it is in the form of conceptualizing, producing, delivering, or receiving communications in our jobs and lives.

Any of the courses may be taken individually or as part of the   Professional Certificate program.



Cost: $460-$475
Admission: OPEN
Format: Varies based on course. View  individual course details and schedules online.


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OCAD1009 Advanced Web Art and Design, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks
OCAD1010 Dynamic Web Art and Design, PHP
OCAD1004 Intermediate Adobe Illustrator
OCAD1002 Intermediate Adobe Photoshop
OCAD1003 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
OCAD1011 Introduction to Adobe InDesign
OCAD1001 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
OCAD1006 Introduction to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design
OCAD1005 Introduction to Web Art and Design
MRKT6289 Web Marketing for Small Business and Entrepreneurs
MRKT6282 Web Strategy: Audience, Content and Usability
WRCR6281 Writing for the Digital Age