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Occupational Health and Safety - Professional Development Series

Working for private and public sector organizations, occupational health and safety managers keep employees safe and ensure their work environment is a healthy one. Develop skills that will help you start or advance your existing career in Occupational Health and Safety Management.

These courses are offered online, providing the flexibility to complete courses anywhere and anytime.

Courses may be taken for non-credit/professional development.  There is no application or admission process, however we recommend a basic knowledge in several key areas. 

  • Familiarity with the basic principles of chemistry (organic and inorganic).
  • Understanding of basic math and algebra; for example, basic calculations and solving for x in an equation.
  • Some background in biology; for example, knowledge of the basics related to cells and their function.
  • Writing experience, including use of the APA style guide.  The expectation in this program is that all written assignments will be completed with correct grammar and spelling.  Failure to meet these standards may result in a lower grade for the particular assignment.

In preparation for your forthcoming courses please review the assumed background below and refresh any areas of weakness through either self-directed study or coursework.

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OHSM6004 Accident Prevention and Investigation
OHSM6022 Communication in Occupational Health and Safety
OHSM6021 Ergonomics for Occupational Health and Safety
OHSM6003 Introduction to Environmental Issues for Occupational Health and Safety
OHSM6001 Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
OHSM6006 Introduction to Toxicology for Occupational Health and Safety Management
OHSM6011 Introduction to WSIB
OHSM6002 Occupational Hygiene
OHSM6005 Risk Assessment and Analysis